Here you can find pictures from various pen events I attended, either as a visitor or an organiser.

First time on Hamburg Pen Show, sadly as a visitor only. It was so nice to meet old friends and get to know new ones 🙂

A great evening with pens and cool people 🙂

June 2017, celebrating my 18-th 😉 birthday with my friends from the forum.

The fifth edition of the Pen Show in Katowice. We might not be the biggest Pen Show in the world, but I personally think we are the coolest 😉

With my friend and the forum’s administrator, promoting our Pen Show

September 2016. A wonderful meeting of friends from in Toruń. Pens, inks, walks, big- and small talks 🙂

My first time as an organiser… Unforgettable, intense two days full of work and pleasure!

A feast of pen lovers in Warsaw, November 2015

The first Pelikan Hub I had an honour to be a Hub Master of. It was one of the biggest hubs in the world 🙂

(Photos by Marek Trzeciak)