Penspa is a place, where fountain pens can regain their life and soul… basically, my desk. I have been repairing and restoring pens for a few years now. I work mainly with vintage pens, but I often repair modern ones for my clients, too.

I am a moderator on a Polish fountain pen collectors forum, Forum o Piórach, one of the key organizers of Pen Show Poland in Katowice, and the editor-in-chief of the Pen Show Magazine.

Currently, I live in Schleswig, Germany, but my services are worldwide. To find out more about them, see the Services section.

What I like most about restoring pens, is giving them a second life. You get an old, dirty, scratched pen, sometimes with a bent nib, and you make it beautiful and usable again. It’s a bit like being a magician 🙂

I use vintage pens on a daily basis. My personal favourite is a Waterman 52.